Subject Leaders?

I’m one of those, so is this something for me then?

It sure is. As you know, all good teachers are busy, but the additional time pressure that comes with being a subject leader is significant – the constant trawl through the seemingly endless sea of (mainly online) resources to keep abreast of developments in your subject, allowing you to be the champion it deserves.


Tell me about it, but that’s just the way it goes, right?

Not necessarily. Here at Subject Leaders we think we can help ease your burden.

Hmmm… really?  How?

As experienced education professionals, we’ve been in your shoes, so have a good understanding of what subject leaders need to know, and, as importantly, what they don’t. What we do is monitor your subject for you, filter out the noise, and provide you with a dedicated webpage of distilled information, focused solely on what you need to know to advance your subject. Have a look at our sample subject page here.

Wow, fantastic.

Thanks, we think so. We cover all the primary subjects, with each getting its own dedicated area on our website. We offer annual memberships tailored to suit your needs, which are priced with tight school budgets in mind, too. Visit our subscription page for more details.

And who are you, exactly?

We are Fe and Lian, two primary education nerds, passionate about the sector, and committed to helping teachers and subject leaders thrive.  We’ve both had long careers in education – as teachers, researchers and writers – and have been subject leaders and middle managers ourselves.  We understand the pressures, and have the grey hairs to prove it!

Last year, as part of our on-going mission to help time-crunched teachers, we wrote two books designed to make running a lunch time or after school club as easy as possible: two years’ worth of non-National Curriculum, easily prepped ideas on a theme. They’re available below.

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Our publications

The Big Book of Primary Club Resources: Science and Outdoor Learning

by Fe Luton (Author),
Lian Jacobs (Author)

The Big Book of Primary Club Resources: Creative Arts

by Fe Luton (Author),
Lian Jacobs (Author)



Over 20 years’ experience working in the education sector as a teacher, Early Years and Key Stage 1 manager, museum education officer, governor, researcher, writer and trainer. She has been writing and developing teaching materials for many years, and has written for The Hamilton Trust, Scholastic, The National Schools Partnership and the TES.


Over 18 years’ experience working in the education sector. She has had a long, successful teaching career across Key Stage 2, during which time she has worked as a Senior Teacher, Leading Literacy Teacher and Advanced Skills Teacher. She has experience in mentoring and coaching both NQTs and teachers working in schools that require improvement.


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