Back to School…

Back to School…

And so we’re finally, nearly, back to school, and in my house at least, the sense of excitement is palpable. New shoes and uniforms have been purchased – my, haven’t they grown! – and we’re ready to get back to some sort of normality - seeing...

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On Diversity

One of the themes running through many of our updates this time around is diversity. As we write in them: While calls for a more diverse curriculum are not new, events this year have brought the issue back sharply into focus. Let’s not lose this...

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The end of a very unique year

We finally made it… the end of term! The truth is, like everyone else, I’m on my knees: tired, fed up, grumpy and desperate for a break. This school year has certainly been full of contradictions, a mind-bending rollercoaster of emotions. Yes,...

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One from the heart…

It’s 6.30am on Sunday, the day before the great unlocking of the schools begins, and I can’t sleep. So here I am, sitting in my garden with a cup of tea, writing this blog. Or to be more precise, I’m sat here, trying to make sense of the myriad,...

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Eight weeks into lockdown

Although education has never had to face such an issue before, we console ourselves in the knowledge that the teaching profession will pull together

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