How do I access my subject area?

Once you have subscribed, you can access all the up-to-date information on your chosen subjects in the ‘My Subjects’ area of the website – just login and click.

How often will my subject area be updated?

Whenever we find new and exciting things to add! We are continually scouring the education world, ensuring that only the most up-to-date and relevant information is uploaded onto the subject pages. Subscribers signed up to email alerts will be notified every time a new What’s Hot article is added.

Where do you get your information from?

We spend a huge amount of time following interesting people and organisations to find out what’s hot in each subject area. We also have some rather wonderful subject specialists who help point us in the right direction. Most of our information comes from our own online research (which we have black belts in) and by contacting organisations directly to delve further.

How do you decide what deserves the What’s Hot treatment?

It varies from subject to subject. Often there is something obviously hot related to a particular subject, like a piece of freshly published guidance, an event or a key pressure point. However, if a subject is bubbling away nicely, we tend to focus on a topic that is hot more generally in the subject staffroom, and use our update to help subject leaders think about the potential ramifications for their subject and school.

Of course, if there are any topics that you’d like us to look into, then do drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

How often do you communicate with subscribers?

We endeavour to keep communication to a minimum, and you are free to sign up or not to our various publications.

We encourage subscribers to sign up for subject-specific email alerts to let them know whenever a new What’s Hot article is published (email us at info@abc3414.sg-host.com with the name of your curriculum subject in the subject line and we will add you to the list).

Everyone can also sign up to weekly Subject Leaders Noticeboard emails which highlight 3 or 4 exciting dates or events coming up that week.

We may also occasionally contact you with offers or to request you complete our annual survey, but you are free to ignore these, should you wish!

Are you on social media?

We are! You can find us chewing the fat on Twitter (@subject_leaders); being photogenic on Instagram (subject_leaders); and sharing away on Facebook (subject leaders).

Can I pay by invoice?

You can. Sign up on the website and select ‘DD/cheque’ payments. We will sort out an invoice and activate your subscription.

What’s your favourite cake?

The best question of them all!  No staff-meeting is complete without cake, and ours are no exception. Fe loves a tasty carrot cake, while Lian is more of a lemon drizzle kind of a gal.

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