It’s 6.30am on Sunday, the day before the great unlocking of the schools begins, and I can’t sleep. So here I am, sitting in my garden with a cup of tea, writing this blog. Or to be more precise, I’m sat here, trying to make sense of the myriad, often contradictory thoughts whizzing around my brain…

There is so much media noise and fuss around children returning to school, and I get it, it’s a big deal. And, as always with all-things education, there are a lot of loud voices and strident opinions battling to be heard. And believe me, as a parent and a teacher, the temptation to wade in is strong!

But actually, I think the most important thing to remember, and the thing I want to shout from the rooftops, is that whenever children return to school, be it tomorrow, or not until September, we – their teachers – will do everything humanly possible to welcome them back, make them and their parents feel safe, loved and secure, however strange and unnatural the school setting feels. We won’t let them see our worries or concerns, but will reassure and nurture them, trying to add laughter and smiles to their new environments.

It can be easy to forget, but it’s essential to remember: the children are what’s important in all this. It’s the children who look to us for guidance and assurance. It’s the children who need to feel we’re there for them.

And we are. Always. Whatever this half term brings, the focus on our children won’t change.

From both of us at Subject Leaders HQ we hope you, your families and schools remain safe and well.

Lian and Fe

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