Wow, what a week!

We’ll certainly never forget where we were when we heard the simultaneously entirely expected and still utterly jaw-dropping news that schools were being shut (I was already self-isolating with my family, Lian was out delivering home learning packs to other early self-isolaters). We were, and remain, a flurry of emotions, questions and concerns!

Although education has never had to face such an issue before, we console ourselves in the knowledge that the teaching profession will pull together and do everything it can to make the welfare and learning experiences of children as robust and positive as possible. Schools may have only had minimal notice but we have no doubt they will be inventive and creative in forging the best opportunities they can for their pupils.

With that in mind, we want to do what we can to support our subscribers, and anyone else in the education sector we can reach. The best way we can think to do this is to offer our latest updates to all schools for free. These include lots of subject specific resource links to organisations and businesses offering free access during the lockdown. We’ll also do our best to highlight any new resources that become available via our Twitter feed.

Finally, we want to wish you good luck in navigating the uncertainty of both your school and home life over the next few days, weeks and possibly months. Above all, we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

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